Angola the Failure of Operation Savannah 1975
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After 1974, the South African involvement in the war in Angola begins with the triggering of Operation Savannah, a large-scale military land offensive that began in October 1975. But the military offensive land forces of the South African Defence Forces were faced with the Widespread Popular Resistance and Operation Carlota, military action designed to halt the South African offensive impulse. Under these conditions, the armed conflict in Angola becomes a conventional war because of the dimension of the forces involved and the amount of technical military resources employed by the players. Over the course of the war, there were offensive moves; defensive manoeuvres; and all kinds of fire, friction, resistance, incursions, combat, retreats, and marches until the South African Defence Forces were expelled from Angolan territory on March 1976. In general, this book analyses Operation Savannah and its developments from a strategic-operational and tactical point of view.

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