An Overdue Healing
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Ian McKenzie is stunned by the woman he is introduced to while on security duty at high society event. But Hannah is anything but receptive to him as a man. Finding out she would be present at most of the events he's assigned to work over the next few weeks gives him an edge to get to know her better. Hannah can't believe her luck! After all of these years, the one person she never wanted to see again is suddenly standing before her. She is sure he's the same arrogant, jock she knew in high school and had hurt her but gave her a resolve, which had carried her into her adulthood. Deadly circumstances bring the two together, Hannah as a victim in another horrible crime and Ian as the cop assigned to the case. Hannah, being the only survivor, holds the key to helping the police solve this case. Can Ian get her to trust him enough to protect her and unravel the clues to this case and to her private demons?