The Spirit Flies Free
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Not only do these poems plumb the depths of spiritual enlightenment, they encompass the entirety of human experience, from politics to love, from current events to psychology.

After spending the summer of 1973 working in Yosemite Natl. Park, author Neil Bethell Sinclair attended UC Berkeley. Through a series of accidents of circumstances, he wound up living in a fraternity briefly where, during a Halloween Party he underwent a neurological transformation that he came later to understand as the full activation of the Kundalini.


I am a writer and poet living in Northern California, actively seeking a way to bring environmental sanity to the world through spiritual activation and environmental science.

My interests include the I Ching, Tai Chi, Yoga, backpacking, photography, astrology, alternative medicine, progressive politics, and integrative spiritual and religious thought.

I have worked in the fields of solar energy, electric cars, advanced electric motors, and other environmental technologies. I look forward someday to becoming a spiritual teacher, when I know more. Among current plans is writing an autobiographical account of a life lived for the past 4 decades under the influence of a fully activated kundalini.