Men in Relationships
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For the first time, experts in the areas of psychology, masculinities, social psychology, personal relationships, communication, gender studies, and clinical psychology offer their collective views on the interpersonal relationships of men.

From relationships men have with their wives to relationships men have with their brothers and friends, this dynamic presentation offers a unique perspective and explores diverse points of life with a focus on middle to old age. Engaging commentary provides useful overviews of traditional and current topics including:

The Dilemma of Masculinity in Culture
The Married Man's Vulnerability at Midlife
Masculinity and Men's Romantic and Sexual Relationships
Men's Friendships
The Fathers' Involvement With Adult Children
Closeness and Affection in Father-Son Relationships
Gender Differences in Negative Social Exchanges
Men's Relationships

An excellent reference for clinical and counseling psychologists, gerontologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, as well as students.
Preface, Victoria Hilkevitch Bedford and Barbara Formaniak Turner
Foreword, Richard A. Settersten, Jr.
Introduction: The Study of Men's Relationships in the Context of Time and Place, Victoria Hilkevitch Bedford and Barbara Formaniak Turner

Part I: Men's Relationships with Partners
The Dilemma of Masculinity and Culture, Bertram J. Cohler and Gabriel D. Smith

Men and Their Wives: Why Are Some Married Men Vulnerable at Midlife?, Margaret Hellie Huyck and David Leo Gutmann

Images of Masculinity as Predictors of Men's Romantic and Sexual Relationships, Vera Sonja Maass

Part II: Men's Relationships with Brothers and Friends
"Shooting the Bull": Cohort Comparisons of Fraternal Intimacy in Mid-life and Old Age, Victoria Hilkevitch Bedford and Paula Smith Avioli

Middle-Aged and Older Adult Men's Friendships, Rebecca G. Adams and Koji Ueno

Part III: Fathers and Their Adult Children
Portraits of Paternity: Middle-Aged and Elderly Fathers' Involvement with Adult Children, Brent A. Taylor, Roseann Giarrusso, Du Feng, and Vern Leo Bengtson

Closeness and Affection in Father-Son Relationships, Kory Floyd and Jonathan M. Bowman

Part IV: Interpersonal Processes in Men's Relationships
In the Company of Men: Collective Interdependence in Self-Construals of Masculinity,
Barbara Formaniak Turner
Gender Differences in Negative Social Exchanges: Frequency, Reactions, and Impact, Kris P. Beals and Karen Rook

Part V: Conclusion
Men's Relationships in Middle and Older Age, Barbara Formaniak Turner and Victoria Hilkevitch Bedford