Augustin. My Battle of Loigny
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December 1870, Loigny la Bataille (France).
The Franco-Prussian war rages. Loigny is the scene of a bloody battle. Villeprevost castle is requisitioned by the Bavarians and transformed in a field hospital.

The Prussians were deployed on the north side. The French are facing south. In the middle, in the hollow of the plain, Loigny is taken into a vise. The battle is fought for a street, a passage, a dead end, a neighborhood, a house, a cellar, for nothing. They fight, that’s all. Advance, don’t fall back, die if you must.

In a single day, around 15000 victims, 100 per square kilometers… A victim per 100 square kilometers! The former manager, Augustin, lives with his family at the castle during this warlike episode from the local history and organizes the help and distribution of the injured. Will his little adopted daughter meet love? Will they make it?

[Augustin, ma Bataille de Loigny, translated from French by Caroline Andreea Zgortea]


Jean-Louis Riguet was born in 1947, in Vienne (France). A former registrar in Orleans, self-taught, he has made a career from the age of 15, for more than 53 years in the Notary, from Vienne till Orléans, passing by Eure-et-Loir and Paris, before dedicating himself to writing.

He is the author of an essay and 4 novels, one of which received the Scriborom price in 2013 and was nominated for the award Original Work at the Mazamet Book Fair (France) in 2014. He is a member of the Société des Gens de Lettres, of the Bottin International des Professionnels du Livre and the Maison de l’Ecrivain et de la Littérature.

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