Promoting Exercise and Behavior Change in Older Adults
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More About This Title Promoting Exercise and Behavior Change in Older Adults


Exercise in later life is important for health and well-being, yet motivating older adults to exercise can be difficult. This book addresses that need by tailoring "The Transtheoretical Model" of behavior change to the client's level of readiness for change. The contributors show how TTM can be used to help older adults with varying needs and abilities to change their exercise behaviors. This book is essential for health care professionals including nurses, exercise specialists, occupational therapists, social workers, and others interested in helping older adults incorporate exercise into their daily lives.Foreword Preface Setting the Stage for Older Active Adults, Deborah Riebe, Patricia M. Burbank, Carol Ewing Garber The Challenges of Exercise in Older Adults, Carol Ewing Garber, Bryan J. Blissmer Overview of the Transtheoretical Model, Gary J. Burkholder, Claudio R. Nigg Application of the Transtheoretical Model to Several Problem Behaviors, Gary J. Burkholder, Kerry A. Evers The Transtheoretical Model: Research Review of Exercise Behavior and Older Adults, Claudio R. Nigg, Deborah Riebe Applying the Transtheoretical Model: Tailoring Interventions to Stages of Change, Patricia J. Jordan, Claudio R. Nigg Applying the Transtheoreticl Model: Challenges with Older Adults Across the Health / Illness Continuum Patricia M. Burbank, Cynthia A. Padula, Mark A. Hirsch Applying the Transtheoretical Model: Challenges with Older Adults from Diverse Ethnic and Socioeconomic Backgrounds, Sandra D. Saunders, Carol Ewing Garber, Diane Martins Applying the Transtheoreticl Model: Behavior Change Among Family Caregivers and Nursing Care Staff Future Directions and Resources, Patricia M. Burbank, Deborah Riebe Resources References