Divine Intimacies
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Introduction Divine Intimacies are a collection of ten of our best titles published to date on the life of prayer in Christ. The volumes contained are : Volume One, Abide in Me; Volume 2, A Day with Jesus; Volume 3, Eternal Weight of Glory; Volume 4, Growing in Prayer; Volume 5, In Prayer; Volume 6, Last Things; Volume 7, The Narrow Way; Volume 8, Purity of Heart; Volume 9, Searching For God; lastly, Volume 10, Participation in the divine Nature. Each volume presents the teachings of Jesus, acco


Divine Intimacies
Volume 1: Abide in Me
Chapter 1: Abiding in Christ
Chapter 2: Bearing Fruit in Christ
Chapter 3: I Spoke to You
Chapter 4: Remain in Me
Chapter 5: I am the Vine
Chapter 6: Like a branch and wither
Chapter 7: It will be done for you
Chapter 8: Glorify the Father
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Volume 2: Being With Jesus: A Day With Jesus
Opening Prayers
Ch. 1: Simply I learned About Her (Wis. 7:13)
Ch. 2: This is eternal life
Ch. 3: Ever ancient, ever new
Ch. 4: Guileless Spirit of Jesus
Ch. 5: What Wisdom is...(Wis. 6:22)
Ch. 6: For in her is a spirit...(Wis. 7:22)
Ch. 7: The refulgence of eternal light (Wis. 7:26)
Ch. 8: Faith in the Resurrection
Ch. 9: Holding to the Faith
Ch. 10: The Power of God
Ch. 11: Waiting for the King
Ch. 12: Jesus said to her “Mary
Ch. 13: Eternal Flame of Love
Ch. 14: On the Hope of the Resurrection
Ch. 15: Waiting for the Lord
Ch. 16: Patience Obtains All Things
Closing Prayers
Volume 3: Eternal Weight of Glory
Ch. 1: In the Hands of God
Ch. 2: Accepting the Truth
Ch. 3: Loving Justice
Ch. 4: The Proof
Ch. 5: The Spirit of Discipline
Ch. 6: Forming Community
Ch. 7: Living Bread
Ch. 8: Against Judging Others
Ch. 9: On Bearing Persecution
Ch. 10: An Eternal Weight of Glory
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Volume 4: Growing in Prayer
Ch. 1: Path to the Truth
Ch. 2: Opening Up and Opening Out
Ch. 3: Difficulties with the World
Ch. 4: The Truths of Faith
Ch. 5: The All in All
Ch. 6: The Desire to Pray
Ch. 7: Following Thru Prayer
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Volume 5: In Prayer: The Spiritual Senses
Ch. 1: The Spiritual Senses
Ch. 2: God Transforms Us
Ch. 3: Preparation for Prayer
Ch. 4: Senses or Sensitiveness
Ch. 5: The Spiritual Sense of Scripture
Ch. 6: Excerpt from St. Teresa of Avila
Ch. 7: Excerpt from St. John of the Cross
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Volume 6: Last Things
Ch. 1: Death
Ch. 2 Personal Reflection on Death
Ch. 3: Judgement
Ch. 4: Heaven
Ch. 5: Hell
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Volume 7: The Narrow Way: Following Jesus Christ
Ch. 1: Why Jesus Became Man
Ch. 2: Striving For Perfection
Ch. 3: Perfection and Holiness
Ch. 4: Renunciation of Self
Ch. 5: What kind of Road?
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Volume 8: Purity of Heart: A Longing to See God
Ch.1: Introduction
Ch. 2: Opponents of Faith
Ch. 3: Age Old Message
Ch. 4: My Fellow Catholics
Ch. 5: Seeing God
Ch. 6: New Life in Christ
Ch. 7: A Note of encouragement
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Volume 9: Searching For God: Living Our Faith
Ch. 1: Where do we begin?
Ch. 2: Personal Reflection
Ch. 3: Ways of Searching For God
Ch. 4: In Creation
Ch. 5: In Work
Ch. 6: In Prayer
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Volume 10: Participation: Sharing in the Divine Nature
Ch. 1: Promise of a New Heart
Ch. 2: One Heart in Christ
Ch. 3: New Heavens and New Earth
Ch. 4: One Bread, One Body
Ch. 5: The divine nature
Ch. 6: According to St. Augustine
Ch. 7: The Catholic Catechism
Excerpts From St. Thomas
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