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Persistence in Apprehension Why is it important to have persistence in apprehension? It is important to have persistence in apprehension since the object of our apprehension needs to remain consistent with its object. St. James refers to the person who asks for something yet wavers in their mind, which is a less perfect prayers before God than one that is persistent in its purity of heart. Another reason persistence in apprehension is important in the spiritual life is because of the nature of t


Mega Book of Faith
Faith & Imagination
About the Author
Ch. 1: Persistence in Apprehension
Ch. 2: Cinema, LIterature & Faith
Ch. 3: The Senses and Faith
Ch. 4: Mystical Grace and
Ch. 5: The First Truth and Persistent Faith
Ch. 6: Persistent Faith & Miracles
Ch. 7: Persistent Faith & Prayer
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The Catechism of Hope
Ch. 1: Purpose of the Catechism
Ch. 2: Lifted up After the Fall
Ch. 3: People of Hope
Ch. 4: Within the Bounds of Faith
Ch. 5: Heaven Our Destiny
Ch. 6: Moderates Hope
Ch. 7: Come to Me
Ch. 8: Follow Me
Ch. 9: In Heaven
Ch. 10: Servant
Ch. 11: Comparing Our Growth
Ch. 12: Imitate His Humility
Ch. 13: Greatest Good
Ch. 14: God is Faithful
Ch. 15: Life and Light
Ch. 16: Pilgrimage in Hope
Ch. 17: In the Hands of God
Ch. 18: Accepting the Truth
Ch. 19: Loving Justice
Ch. 20: The Proof
Ch. 21: The Spirit of Discipline
Ch. 22: Forming Community
Ch. 23: Living Bread
Ch. 24: Against Judging Others
Ch. 25: On Bearing Persecution
Ch. 26: An Eternal Weight of Glory
Ch. 27: First Encouter ...
Ch. 28: The Practice of God’s Presence
Ch. 29: God’s Presence Within Us
Ch. 30: God in Prayer
Ch. 31: Indwelling
Ch. 32: Purity of Heart
Ch. 33: Opponents of Faith
Ch. 34: Age Old Message
Ch. 35: My Fellow Catholics
Ch. 36: Seeing God
Ch. 37: New Life in Christ
Ch. 38: Hoping Against Hope
Ch. 39: Abraham Persevered in faith
Ch. 40: Abraham's Future Hope Against Hope
Ch. 41: God Assists Our Hope
Ch. 42: Anticipating the Revelation of God's Children
Ch. 43: Former Things Would Be No More
Ch. 44: Paradise of the Future
Ch. 45: The Difference
Ch. 46: Ecstatic Hope of the Unseen God
Ch. 47: Persevering in Predestined Hope
Ch. 48: Infused Faith and Pop-Tarts®
Ch. 49: God Sustains Our Hope
Ch. 50: Beatific Vision
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Pleading Love The Root of Prayer
About the Author
Chapter One: Filling Up Our Lack
Chapter Two: Facing Our Weakness in Christ
Chapter Three: Sorrow and Joy
Chapter Four: Trials and Deprivation
Chapter Five: Taught by Our Trials
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Safely Home With Mary
Ch. 1: Mary Cares
Ch. 2: The Austere Children of Mary
Ch. 3: Away From Danger
Ch. 4: Homeward Bound
Ch. 5: Predestined From Eternity
Ch. 6: Safely in Heaven
Ch. 7: Mary, Mother of God's Children
I am who I am
Ch. 1: Faith and the Future
Ch. 2: Being Filled
Ch. 3: I am who I am
Ch. 4: Intrinsic Principle
Ch. 5: Grace
Ch. 6: Grace & The Divine Nature
Ch. 7: New Life in Christ
Ch. 8: One Bread, One Body
Ch. 9: According to St. Augustine
Ch. 10: Excerpts From St. Thomas
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Opening Prayers
Ch. 1: Simply I learned About Her (Wis. 7:13)
Ch. 2: This is eternal life
Ch. 3: Ever ancient, ever new
Ch. 4: Guileless Spirit of Jesus
Ch. 5: What Wisdom is...(Wis. 6:22)
Ch. 6: For in her is a spirit...(Wis. 7:22)
Ch. 7: The refulgence of eternal light (Wis. 7:26)
Ch. 8: Faith in the Resurrection
Ch. 9: Holding to the Faith
Ch. 10: The Power of God
Ch. 11: Waiting for the King
Ch. 12: Jesus said to her “Mary
Ch. 13: Eternal Flame of Love
Ch. 14: On the Hope of the Resurrection
Ch. 15: Waiting for the Lord
Ch. 16: Patience Obtains All Things
Closing Prayers
Affirmation: God's Love For You
About the Author
Ch. 1: A Life Experience
Ch. 2: A Plan For You
Ch. 3: God Cares For You
Ch. 4: The Healing Power of Faith
Ch. 5: What Next?
Ch. 6: Heaven Our Destiny
Ch. 7: Moderates Hope
Ch. 8: Come to Me
Ch. 9: Follow Me
Ch. 10: In Heaven
Ch. 11: Servant
Ch. 12: Comparing Our Growth
Ch. 13: Imitate His Humility
Ch. 14: Greatest Good
Ch. 15: God is Faithful
Ch. 16: Life and Light
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The Beauty of Mary
About the Author
Prayer to Mary
Beauty of the Word
Nicene Creed
The Annunciation
The Ideal Davidic King
Greatly to be Praised
Part One: #OurFather
One: #Our Father
Two: #WhoArtInHeaven
Three: #HallowedBeThyName
Four: #ThyKingdomCome
Five: #ThyWillBeDone
Six: #OnEarthAsItIsInHeaven
Seven: #GiveUsThisdayOurDailyBread
Eight: #ForgiveUsOurTrespasses
Nine: #WeForgiveThoseWhoTrespassAgainstUs
Ten: #LeadUsNotIntoTemptation
Eleven: #DeliverUsFromEvil
Part Two: John 1:1
Twelve: #InTheBeginning
Thirteen: #WasTheWord
Fourteen: #TheWordWasWithGod
Fifteen: #TheWordWasGod
Part Three: #TheScripturalRosary
Sixteen: #TheAnnunciation
Seventeen: #TheVisitation
Eighteen: #TheBirthofChrist
Nnineteen: #ThePresentationInTheTemple
Nineteen: #TheFindingofChristInTheTemple
Twenty: #TheBaptisintheJordan
TwentyOne: #WeddingAtCana
TwentyTwo: #ProclamationOfTheKingdom
TwentyThree: #TheTransfiguration
TwentyFour: #TheInstitutionOfTheEucharist
TwentyFive: #TheResurrection
TwentySix: #TheAscension
TwentySeven: #Pentecost
TwentyEight: #TheAssumption
TwentyNine: #TheCoronationOfMary