Simply Hitchcock
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Rightly called “the master of suspense,” Alfred Hitchcock created some of the most frightening, yet entertaining, films in the history of cinema. They were also profound personal expressions of his philosophy of life, which he saw as a contest between reality and illusion, order and chaos. In Simply Hitchcock, author David Sterritt traces the legendary director’s remarkable career, exploring how his life and work continually nourished one another, and illuminating his unparalleled ability to create films that were enormously popular and deeply disturbing at the same time.


David Sterritt is a film professor at Columbia University and the Maryland Institute College of Art. The author of The Films of Alfred Hitchcock (1993), he also serves as the editor of The Quarterly Review of Film and Video and is a contributing writer for Cineaste. His writing on Hitchcock has appeared in Film Quarterly, Film-Philosophy, The Christian Science Monitor and other periodicals, and he serves on the editorial advisory board of the Hitchcock Annual. He recently completed ten years as chair of the National Society of Film Critics.