Poetry's Best Kept Secret
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"I wrote this book of poems for the only reason that I didn?t have the slightness idea how to express what I was going through. Reason being that the existence of my presence wasn?t known to the living. Believe it or not people are very skeptic to accept the fact that the truth as known is made up. This book of poems is to help people understand that even though it is hidden, it?s never forgotten. It also symbolizes the realism and hardship that many people try to hide each and every day. You can believe whatever makes you sleep better but you will never forget. After these poems are read, you will have a better perspective on the life you live. You will also believe to trust your

inner self and not to be questioned anymore."


Born on March 1, 1977, Michael Vincent Dlask has been a typical person who has a hidden talent for poetry that didn?t come out of the closet for many of years. Being raised in Chicago IL, he is the middle child of five kids, and everything was a challenge to him. No matter what he is the type to achieve his goals and dreams and doesn?t let anybody get in the way of that. He is the type that if he likes you he would make sure to his ability that you are well taken care of with no harm done. His ambitions to do things for himself is phenomenal. He makes sure that if he wants something he tries his best to get it. There is something about him that makes you want to do wonderful things. He is a well rounded person. He enjoys being around his niece?s Gabriella and Madison. But also deep down in his heart he would love to be with his niece Kaitlyn which isn?t here anymore. His interests includes playing pool, enjoys movies, and being able to have fun and be serious at the same time. All in all Michael is a great poet and has many hopes and dreams to make sure that the people that are dear to him especially Christine (his sister) would never forget him.

Exhibited At: International book fairs