Stilettos in Vegas
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Learn about the business of strip clubs and how strippers are misunderstood outcasts through the experiences of Las Vegas stripper Sapphire, a 23-year-old African American from New York. Risking arrest for big tips, she services the fantasies of various customers--married and divorced men, rappers, and Chinese billionaires. After having a child with Spider, a Vegas player, her daughter is taken away by child protective services, claiming she is a negligent mother because of her job. She gets her child back through a traditional marriage to an elderly white man, but then she becomes bored and is torn between her husband and Spider. The story takes a change from drama to suspense when Sapphire decides to challenge the club for better working conditions, using as leverage accumulated evidence of sexual harassment, credit card fraud, and tax evasion. But the club is run by a notorious mob boss, and he?s got his own plans for her?


Valerie L. Diamond gave up a supervisor job in the banking industry to become a Vegas stripper to pay back family debts after the tragic death of her mother. After six years of hard work in the clubs, she had successfully established a solid financial base for her family. After retiring from stripping at age 45, she was inspired to write Stilettos in Vegas to change society?s concept of what life is like as a stripper. Valerie has a heart for the wives who have husbands, the girl who has a boyfriend, and the child who has a mother. Many strippers are supporting children and husbands or boyfriends at home, making a living as a contributing part to society. Since there will always be a sex industry, Valerie believes that women should learn about strip clubs, which are free from sex and disease and carry the least emotional attachment, keeping their men away from the dark side. Dr. Don McGann, a retired dentist and educator, was moved by the struggles and dedication of Valerie and decided to help her document her experiences in this book, which is partially based on true events. Having written thousands of pages of technical content, this is his first novel.

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