Listen, My Children
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HIGH PRAISE This outstanding anthology of English poetry has received acclaim from all quarters, or at least sixths. Here is what the commentators have had to say: ?This is, to the poetry of the English language, a seuss of an introduce.? Dr. Zeus ?I liked the art most.? A sixth grade student who wishes to remain anonymous ?We have found this book invaluable in its presentation to our young, green students of the poetry of the Earth-English language.? The United Teacher?s Association of Mars ?If somewhat tendentious and euphuistic, this summary, though written for children, is an invaluable aide-memoir to nonagenarians and over wishing to catch up on what they have forgotten of English poetry.? Whoam Eye, President of the Centenarian Society ?Miau, purr, miow, purr.? Dewey, a big white cat, sitting on my keys ?Unlike iron, which ?bends and bows,? poetry both knows and grows, as this book shows.? The United Union of Ironmongers, Foundry Workers and Sixth Grade Teachers

Exhibited At: International book fairs