The Power of Wagging Tails
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Medical studies have consistently shown that patients benefit from therapy dog visits. One recent study of 59 adults showed that following a therapy dog visit their energy levels increased, respiratory rated calmed significantly and pain scores decreased by over 20%. Mood scores improved by over 60% with the patients feeling less tense, anxious, angry, tied depressed and dejected.
Now in The Power of Wagging Tails, Dr. Dawn Marcus showcases the wide range of research that shows the therapeutic and healing power of people of all ages and with a wide range of health conditions. These research findings are brought to life through the personal stories of healing from dog owners across the United States and Canada.
She shows you how to unleash the healing power of your own dog, describes how to effectively add a dog to the home of someone with a chronic condition, explains how the family dog can help with chronic health conditions, and teaches how to train a companion dog to be a certified therapy dog to help others.
The Power of Wagging Tails will be of interest to dog owners, people wondering how to help family and friends coping with chronic illnesses, and individuals considering training their dogs for therapy work.Special Features of The Power of Wagging Tails include :

Presentation of reliable medical research showing that dog therapy offers therapeutic benefits to people
First-person accounts from service dog trainers, aerobic instructors, and recognized dog training experts such as Carol Lea Benjamin
First-person accounts of people who have experience dog therapy
Practical suggestions to help people decide if they should add a dog to their home or gave a therapy dog visit.
Sound advice to help people decide if dog therapy is right for them
Practical tips on how to make dog therapy visits safe, effective, and successful for the dog, handler, and people visited
1. Living with Healing Dogs, 2. Making Fido a Member of Your Personal Treatment Team and Support Network, 3. Getting Involved with Pet Therapy, 4. Napolean and Nekita as Nurses - Comforting People Needing Chronic Therapy, 5. Let Sammy and Shadow Ease an Ailing Psyche, 6. Connecting with Bailey is Heart Healthy, 7. I Have Cancer, How Can a Dog Help Me?, 8. Chronic Pain and Pet Therapy, 9. Duke and Daisy As Doctors - Sniffing Out Disease, 10. Dogs as therapists?, 11. Managing Your Metabolism with Molly - Diabetes and Weight Control, 12. Get off your butt! Let Your Dog Show You How, 13. Thanks for the Memories - Helping Seniors Connect with their Past and the Present, 14. The Healing Power Witnessed by Dog Handlers