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The International Dictionary of Food & Nutrition by Kenneth N. Anderson from Wiley

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    USD 45.95
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    June 29, 1993
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    243.0 mm
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    195.5 mm
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    25.099 mm
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    29.44 oz

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The most comprehensive food and nutrition reference available today. The International Dictionary of Food & Nutrition As menus in both homes and restaurants grow more sophisticated, a wider knowledge of foods and their nutritional components grows increasingly important. To meet this need, The International Dictionary of Food & Nutrition presents a bounty of definitions and descriptions of words, phrases, and terms related to foods, their preparation and production, and more. In more than 7,500 standardized entries, The International Dictionary of Food & Nutrition:
* Covers food ingredients, garnishes, sauces, entrees, and appetizers
* Describes cooking methods, food preparation, and processing techniques
* Cross-references words and terms in more than 40 languages
* Explains the origins and original meanings of both English and foreign words and terms commonly used in the kitchen
From bouillabaisse to bain-marie, from timbale to tamari, The International Dictionary of Food & Nutrition is a comprehensive cross section of the world's current literature on foods and cookery, and an invaluable addition to the libraries of foodservice professionals, students of the culinary arts, and professional and amateur chefs everywhere.

Dislaimer :- Any grant of rights shall not apply to any text, illustrations or supplemental material from other sources that may be incorporated in the original Work.

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About the authors KENNETH N. ANDERSON is Editorial Director of the Publishers Editorial Services and a former editor of Better Homes & Gardens, Nutrition Today and Today's Health. He received a BS from Stanford University and MAs from both Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. LOIS E. ANDERSON is the author of The Prentice-Hall Dictionary of Health and Nutrition. She has developed and tested recipes for several bestselling cookbooks including The Fish Cookbook and The Gourmet's Guide to Fish and Shellfish.