Bobbie Freiberg

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15-150 Secret to Simple Dieting was co-authored by Dr. Steven Rosenberg, who used a caloriemeter to scientifically create the perfect "burn" to lose weight. Bobbie Freiberg is his co-author. At the age of 50, she finally shed 45 unwanted pounds and wants to share this secret, after being a frustrated dieter for years. The first half of the book is "how and why" the diet works. The second half is Bobbie's everyday life and tricks to tweak the way you cook, shop and eat out, along with recipes.
We need a large publisher to take over, since we self-published the book just to see if it is sales worthy, and it is. I've done many radio shows, the book has a great response since it is simple, informative, and there is no ongoing cost to the diet, just the cost of the book. We sold over 2,000 just by word of mouth, no advertising.