Shelly Perlman

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1996-2006 Greeting Card Designer, Started by creating a line for the Swedish Post office and by 2004 I had publishers in over 30 countries around the world. Had a few famous greeting card lines: Mobie & Friends, Quacky Duck, Shellys Points, Doggy Bag and many more Everyday and Birthday cards. 2006-2010 Hired by General Mills, Lactatis France and Nestle to create brand characters for yogurts and Whole Grain Cereals, I co-wrote and drew 9 books, different ones for different products, which were printed and sold in Germany, German speaking european countries, Poland and Portugal. I created brand characters, books and cartoons for many environmental companies, children magazines, children services and playgrounds. 2010-now mainly work on my own 2 brands www.ecostarsclub.com and www.agentmobie.com - our APP game Eco Stars was just released and has been on NBC Ch5 news and our first Eco Stars book was just completed and we are looking for a publisher - with many more Eco Stars books coming soon.
Publisher for Eco Stars books and / or an Agent that can represent me for Eco Stars books and other books / scripts.


Books Are Not Available.