Michael G. Bergen

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Of the author’s many interests, history has always ranked highest. It started when he was ten years old and an inspirational primary school teacher awakened this passion by introducing him to the Romans and their prowess in warfare. History and culture has occupied the author’s interest ever since that induction. Born in England and raised in Canada he has been living in Europe and South Africa for most of his adult life. After half a lifetime of pursuing various business interests as well as extensive travels, the author began a personal voyage of discovery a few years ago. He began by fulfilling a long-standing curiosity of his ancestry and heritage. One small discovery led to another, and another, until it developed into a burning desire to write historical fiction based on his research. From this passion a series of historical stories emerged, inspired by the lives of his twentieth century ancestors and their contemporaries. Storm over South Africa, set during the Second Anglo-Boer War, is the first book in that series. This journey will continue throughout the 20th century, a tumultuous period in history. A chronicle experienced by his grandparents, his parents, himself, his children and his wider family and friends – a period being documented by him as The Rutherford Chronicles.
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