I'll be wearing a bright red shirt at BEA showing book cover.

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Judy Fishel is an award-winning teacher, now retired, but still passionate about learning and learning strategies. She chose to be both author and publisher to make it easier to get her book published and read by students around the world. her real goal is to make a real difference in the way students learn. Her book, Straight A's Are Not Enough: Breakthrough's in Learning for College Students - published April 28, 2015, is published by Flying Heron Books. The book takes a radically different approach to study skills, focusing more on authentic learning and getting a great education rather than just making top grades. The book is based of serious research on how we learn. Early readers have described the book as Exciting, Important, and the book they wished they could have had when they were in college.
1. Literary agents and publishers interested in a great new book of study skills. 2. Selling English language rights outside the US. 3. Selling the rights for translation in a wide variety of languages.