Timm Oglesby

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Timm Oglesby drew his inspiration for the topic of his first book from his wife of twenty years. Kimberly decided to take control of her life by losing weight. She dedicated herself to the task, growing ever fitter and more toned. To keep up, Timm had to act. Together they wanted to improve their appearance, boost self-esteem, and enjoy a healthier life. Kim and Timm’s personal journey and road to health has led to Ten FAT Rules: Losing Weight to Look Better, Feel Better and Live Longer. Timm graduated from the University of Iowa with a Business Degree, then Trinity International University with a Masters of Divinity. Working in real estate, Timm rose to a position of President/CEO of CLEAR Property Management before focusing on writing. Timm writes in a straight forward style, desiring to communicate in a way everyone can understand, appreciate, and follow.
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