About Science, Naturally! / Platypus Media Biography

Science Naturally, makes math and science accessible and engaging. Our STEM books are literature-based to encourage skill acquisition in reading, science, and math. To reach as many readers as possible, we have translated our books into several languages, and they are available in hardback, paperback, eBook and Braille editions. We work closely with hospitals, schools, libraries, literacy organizations, and home educators.

Our sister publisher, Platypus Media is committed to promoting attachment parenting, breastfeeding, and warm family relationships. We want each baby to have the best start in life, and we create materials to support healthcare providers and parents alike. We try to share evidence-based practices and family support with our readers.

Our educational books and parenting materials have wide appeal, and we are eager to get them into the hands of children and parents who can benefit from them. We are interested in working with organizations via direct sales to end users or resellers. We are also able to customize content or offer licensing arrangements.