Goodwill Rights Management Corp. Biography

Why Goodwill Rights?

Goodwill Rights Management offers effective, enthusiastic Rights Management, Publisher Relations and Business Development for publishers in the worldwide market to maximize the penetration of their publications into multiple media, languages and markets.   
We offer:

Business Development

We achieve subsidiary rights and royalty revenue by licensing your properties to international and domestic licensees in various media, formats and languages, as well as help publishers acquire rights to top content for digital and other products. 

Rights Management

We leverage the value of your titles for active sub-rights promotion and business development, providing consultation and support throughout the contracting process. 

Publisher Relations

We optimize the promotion of your titles through our expansive network of trade and ministry relationships to expand your market, mission and revenue.

Our Clients

Among our clients you will find trusted names such as Biblica, Cruciform Press, Editorial Mundo Hispano, 1517/New Reformation Publications, Reformation Trust, Shepherd Press and SIL International. .