Author Dulce Rorigues Biography

Award-winning author Dulce Rodrigues is the happy grandmother of two lovely little girls. She has authored fourteen children’s books published in several languages (including Chinese), two travelogues, and a novel. She also has contributions in international anthologies and writes regularly on the web. She speaks six living languages and translates most of her own books. Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, Dulce Rodrigues received a scholarship to study at the Goethe-Institut in Germany, and one for a scientific course with the Open University in the UK, and wound up living in many different countries around Europe. Now retired after a career that included working for NATO and as a translator for the U.S. Military, she currently lives a little everywhere in Europe. She was awarded a few literary prizes : while the Honourable Mention awarded at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival came from the US, eight other prizes came from Europe, including Honourable Mention at the 2013 London Book Festival. A few of her kids' plays were performed in countries in Europe. After publishing her first children's book, she created the educational website (in four languages) for children to learn with fun. In addition to writing she enjoys travelling, gardening, photography, music, and pets. She also has a passion for History and for all forms of Art that transmit Beauty. Dulce Rodrigues is a member of international cultural and literary associations and she collaborates regularly with Journal (Luxembourg), ACPS (Strasbourg) and Short Kid Stories (Ireland). Please visit her at