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Renee Robinson
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Make A Wish interview is being set up with local news, Make my Dream Come True!
Make A Wish interview is being set up with local news, Make my Dream Come True!
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With a major in writings and communications, Renee Robinson has been writing since the age of 12. An element unique to Renee, is her ability to morph into various genres, from poet, to non-fiction, to fiction, to essay to childrens books. However, being busy raising children and working fulltime forced Renee Robinson to push back her ambition to publish her works.
Until 4 years ago, when she received the horrifying diagnosis of colon cancer. Only halfway through her first round of chemotherapy treatment, Renee lost her job as she was no longer able to work fulltime due to the chemo maki... View More »
I'd like to receive book reviews. I am working on a series of children's books and 2 novels. Like all authors, I would like to see my book do well. It does not have to be a best seller, however that would be nice too!
One of my novels is very important to me as it is a detailed and very personal story of my experience with colon cancer. I hope to let the newly diagnosed patient know what to expect. I also hope to take some pressure off the caregivers and loved ones. Often they feel hopeless and do not know what to do. I let them know just how important their role is for the patient.

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