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"向昭 1972年1月出生于中国陕西西安。祖父曾留学于日本早稻田大学学习陶艺与中国水墨画,自幼生长在教育艺术氛围浓厚的家庭,5岁时第一次在父母任教的学校校刊发表一首描写花园小白花的短诗,受妈妈的鼓励,喜欢用笔纪录对生活的感受与思考。中学时参加校园诗社。1996年毕业于西北政法大学国际经济法系后,在陕西财经学院(后合并于西安交通大学)任教。2000年留学澳大利亚麦考瑞大学,获得商法硕士学位,毕业后移民成为澳大利亚公民。现在定居于悉尼,作者保留了用笔纪录生活与感受的习惯,经常在微博,微信中发表一些短文,诗歌,游记等。作者喜欢旅游与美食烹饪,至今已经游历了大部分欧国家,以及美国加拿大和东南亚,中国包括香港,台湾等大部分地区,也经常喜欢邀约朋友于家中聚会,烹饪创意美食。作者生活经历丰富,感情强烈。本诗集收录了作者写于2016年11月至2017年11月之间的愈百首中,长度诗歌。 Zhao Crowley: Born at Xi’an of P.R of China in January 1972, the author grows up from a family with rich educational and artistic atmosphere. Her grandfather has ever been an overseas student study Pottery and Chinese Ink Painting at Waseda University in Japan. At age five, the author published her first short poem at campus magazine at her parents’ teaching school, the poem is about a white flower in the campus garden. Encouraged by mother, since then, she likes to record her feelings and things of life by pen. She attended poem group at high school. In 1996 after the author graduated from the North-West University of Politics and Law Science, she became an assistant lecture at the Shannxi Finance Institute (joint with Xi’an Jiaotong University)。 The author came to Australia in 2000 and studied at the Macquarie University, Obtained a master degree of Commercial Law. After the graduation, she immigrated into Australia and became as an Australia citizen. She now lives in Sydney. The author kept her habit to record her life experience and feelings by pen, she published some small articles, poems and travel stories at her blog, social web WeChat etc. She likes travel and cook, until now she traveled most parts of Europe, America and Canada, as well as South-East Asia and most areas in China including Hong Kong and Taiwan. She likes invite friends come to home and cook creative delicious food. The author has rich life experience and has strong feelings about life. This poem collection collect poems she wrote between November 2016 to November 2017 over 100 pieces."