Waddah S. Ghanem

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"Dr. Shihab M A Ghanem Al hashmi emanates from a family of scholars and educators. An engineer by training in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Aberdeen), a Masters in Water Resource Engineering (Roorkee), and a PhD in Economics (Cardiff ), he has published more than 60 books in Arabic and English mostly related to poetry. He is the recipient of several awards including the Tagore Peace Award (2012), the UAE Cultural Personality of the Year (2013), and an Honorary Doctorate from Soka University in Tokyo (2015). He is retired and his last post was Managing Director of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Technology Park in Dubai, UAE. Dr. Waddah S. Ghanem Al Hashmi, is also an engineer training in Environmental Engineering with a Masters in Environmental Sciences, a Master in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Corporate Governance and EHS Leadership. He has various technical papers and books published in English in the field of Safety, Operational Excellence and Reflective Learning. He currently works as an Executive Director and works and lives in Dubai, UAE with his family. Both authors are from the United Arab Emirates."