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TranslationPanacea would like to be instrumental in bringing World literature into Indian languages and take Indian languages literature to World languages. We have good insight of Indian language publishing and know the areas of strengths of various Indian language publishers. We can suggest relevant publisher in India for reprint, co-publishing or translation. Also There is a wealth of contemporary literature, expressed in Indian languages, other than English and Hindi. For example, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi literature has so much that the world would like to read, which is very relevant to the modern world. We would like to suggest good titles to non-Indian publishers, suiting to their preference and genre of specialisation, for translation.
Publishers who would like to understand the literary activities in Indian languages. Publishers who might be willing to sell and buy rights from non-English Indian literature. For buying rights, we have interested clients in books on sports, education, finance and others. For selling, we have excellent titles in Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil and Punjabi on women's issues, history, Ayurved, fiction, romance, poetry