Tracey Shorthouse

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Tracey Shorthouse was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer?s disease and a variant of posterior cortical atrophy, which is another form of dementia in 2015 when she was forty-five years old. It was a relief to get a final diagnosis as she had been fighting for a couple of years to get anyone to believe there was anything wrong. She is a retired nurse and believes that life is for living to the fullest potential. Since being diagnosed, she goes out and gives a variety of talks about living well with dementia and, also, brings awareness to people that dementia does affect all ages. Tracey has also started to write poetry as a way to keep her brain active as well as write a blog. She has a variety of hobbies. Tracey likens the dementia to an alien in her brain, and it?s a constant fight to win.


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