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I’m a self-publishing author who has recently completed my first book of 50,000 words which is about the life of an Irish explorer, Tom Crean. Since 2010 I’ve also operated a campaign to have Crean recognised officially by the Irish Government and I recently handed in a petition to the Irish Minister Of Defence that was signed by over 10,000 supporters from across the world. The platforms I operate on Social media have a healthy and growing following of over 30,000 supporters of the aim and last year I decided to undertake some deeper research in order to write a book. The title is Crean - The Extraordinary Life of an Irish Hero and it covers the life story and heroic feats of Tom Crean, a man who served alongside Captain Scott on two expeditions and with Sir Ernest Shackleton, again on two expeditions, all of his expeditions were to Antarctica and over the course of his being there he undertook incredible feats of bravery that today account for the existence of thousands of descendants of the men whose lives he saved. Crean received the Albert Medal for one of his lifesaving feats in 1913 and Julian Evans, the grandson of the man he saved, (Lieutenant Teddy Evans who went on to become an Admiral and later Lord Mountevans), has written the foreword for my book. Given the growing international passion for exploration and adventure, I feel readers would identify well with Crean’s story. The book will be made available initially as an e-book followed by a print version and it is being eagerly anticipated by the supporters of the campaign who have been made aware of its forthcoming availability. There is a website dedicated to the book yet it is currently in maintenance mode until the book is made available and the current schedule is for release in mid-July 2018.
I’d like to explore the selling of foreign rights and translations for this book. I own all rights to the book and I made a decision not to approach publishers as I already generate a substantial international following related to the person who is the subject of the book, Irish explorer, Tom Crean.


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