Thomas Gonzalez

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My name is Thomas Gonzalez. I?m a Vietnam veteran, and I served my country with distinction. I served in Vietnam during those horrific days during the years of 1966?1967. I started with a squad of marines and ended up with a platoon of marines. At the beginning of my tour, my squad of marines was known as the Santa-Ana?s raiders because the squad had a few Hispanics. The troop would confiscate anything that was not nailed down. Despite the many times that we were engaged with the enemy and were fired upon with thousands of bullets coming our way, by the grace of God, we all managed to survive and come home alive. It is for this reason that I christen the squad?the Invisible Squad. As the years went by, I started to realize that I was getting into the autumn years of my life. Because of my love for children and animals, I decided to write short stories because I know that if you keep ideas and thoughts in your mind, and if you die, no one will ever know, and your stories will also be gone forever. I have written two books of my Vietnam experience (Sarge and The Invisible Squad] and also have written three short children?s books (Fairy Tales).