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Deborah G. Keever is a native of North Carolina. She is from Clarendon, a rural area in Columbus County. Deborah grew up on a farm which allowed for plenty of space to grow flowers. Her Mother always planted flowers for the sole purpose of making cut flower arrangements for the church in addition to her personal garden. She was also a licensed nurseryman specializing in daylilies. Deborah liked to walk through the flower garden with her Mama to see what was blooming. After looking over their flowers, they would visit the neighbors to see what they had blooming. Often during the growing season, they would visit other growers throughout North and South Carolina. There was always flower catalogs around the house. Then as now Deborah finds the garden to be a social venue. She enjoys chatting with her neighbors as they walk by her garden. She learned at an early age to cross-pollinate daylilies to produce a new hybrid. So you can see her love of flowers came as naturally as the sun coming up. Deborah is very appreciative that her Mother shared her love of flowers.Her love of flowers had to take a back seat while she pursued her career as a Registered Nurse. Upon graduating from Nursing, moved to Raleigh, N.C. Where Deborah and her husband Mike remain. Even though it took some getting used to having clay for soil instead of the rich black dirt that she had growing up in Clarendon. Of course, Deborah dabbled in her garden while raising three boys. But she did not have the time to grow a garden to her liking. Well, three sons, three daughter–in-laws, six grandchildren later and retirement she now enjoys developing her garden. Deborah will be the first to tell you that a garden is always evolving. Just when you have about got it the way you want it the trees block out the sun. Now you have to start a shade garden. But that is part of the magic, an ever changing palate. Once her grandson asked if she grew flowers because she liked them or for the show, her answer had to be both. First, because she had self-satisfaction in turning a yard full of clay into beauty as flowers are God’s color palate and digging in the soil is both physical and mental therapy. She also enjoys the self-satisfaction that she gets when others tell her how much they enjoy her garden.Deborah has a passion for photography. Almost every day during the growing season you will find her late in the afternoon taking photos of the new blooms and sometimes the old ones too. Of course one or two shots are never enough. Pretty soon she ended up with thousands of flower photos. So what do you do but write a book and share them?But let’s back up a little. Deborah’s first book was actually about a Garden Spider. While walking around in the yard of her childhood her son discovered a fantastic Garden Spider with the web from bush to the ground. But of course, she could not pass that opportunity up. Several hundred photos later she decided to put a book together for her grandchildren. Deborah thought it was pretty boring with just photos, so she began to research information about the Argiope Aurantia or Garden Spider to fill in the void. The book turned out better than she had imagined. Encouraged by family and friends, she self-published Argiope Aurantia. Which became the stepping stone to writing flower books, her real passion. Deborah hopes that her book Southern Gardens 101 will encourage more people to enjoy flower gardening. They will have the courage to try with the easy to follow instructions. The same format throughout the book allows you to find everything you need to know in one convenient place. Southern Gardens 101, Volume II, will be out next spring. Plans for Volume III are underway.