Stephen Buckley

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"I had a happy, loving upbringing in North Wales, where I still live to this day. I never knew what my true vocation in life was. After various unskilled jobs, I decided to follow my dreams at being either a chef or an architect. My creative and constrictive mind led me to study architecture; unfortunately, the university of choice was Brighton, in a glamorous city known for being vibrant, bohemian, creative, liberated, exotic, and cultural. Sadly, my love for Brighton overtook my enthusiasm to study. This left me wishing I?d trained to be the next Jamie Oliver in a less-glamorous city in the north of England. I now work as a long-distance driver, driving for long periods of time help me to imagine and create fascinating characters and stories. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than reading a story or watching a movie that makes me cry with laughter or being moved to tears. After a long, hectic week working away from home, nothing makes me happier than returning home to a sleepy village set in the Welsh mountains to my long-term partner and beautiful black Labrador, Brando. Equal parts erotica and thriller, Surfing on a Cloud is an interesting look at the nature of complex relationships and the ways in which modern people navigate them. -Clarion Review"