Damn hyou people. I paid good money for a review, NOT an assassination!

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My childhood was a traumatic one, with an alcoholic father, I would be physically abused at the slightest provocation and a loving mother, restricted form showing that love by his fear of appearing "the ogre". Thus I grew to believe I was unlovable, which led to a life of belittlement and humiliation by those who claimed to be my friends. I even forfeited my freedom for a woman who fell pregnant against my wish, thus my life was lived with the consciousness of being here at the behest of other`s selfish designs resulting with her stealing everything I had in life, including my daughter. Thus I became self-reliant. At the age of 29 I was introduced to Astrology, which explained why my life was what it was. After studying for some time, being astounded at the accuracy of this most ancient science, I soon became obsessed with the truth concerning life, as opposed to religions "HAVE FAITH IN GOD".. I`m constantly talking and indeed impressing total strangers with Astrological truths that amaze them with facts that surpass mundane conversation simply by their birthday. One certainty I've learned about this time in our evolution. Shit happens, then you die.
I`m hoping to educate mankind that we have all been manipulated to "believe" in this fairy-tale, judgemental god, resulting in people feeling guilt for what is a natural expression of their experience of their moment. That the Sun and the Sun`s light reflection off the planets is the energy responsible for all that we experience, not some omnipotent being that exists "only" in our minds.