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As pioneers of healthcare publishing, Springer Publishing Company serves the academic and professional communities in Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Gerontology, Public Health and Rehabilitiation. We reach three very different and distinct target audiences in each of our disciplines, and therefore publish a wide variety of books. Textbooks. We are a textbook publishing company. The target audience is professeors, and we reach them through a variety of Sales and Marketing methods. The end-users, however, are students and this market is taken into account when editing and publishing our textbooks. Professional Resource Books. We publish a variety of professional resource books for practitioners, clinicians, etc. These books range from short, quick-read guides to in-depth, specialized publications. Reference Works. Libraries are a significant target market for a mix of Springer titles, including a number of dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference titles. Now celebrating its 61th anniversary, Springer Publishing Company continues to navigate uncharted territory, publishing top quality, innovative-even provocative and idiosyncratic-academic and professional books for the health care and helping professions.
New foreign publishers interested in reviewing our books for possible translations.