I have written a fantasy romance novella called

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My name is Shirley Long, I am a mother, wife, author, writer, song-writer, and a poet. I have been writing for seven years and enjoy it. Writing romance novellas is something I love to do. I have written several short-stories in romance novellas, even a sci-fi novella romance book I've just finished. Contemporary, adult, western, suspense and general romance are topics I write about also. My song-writing varies, I write songs in every genre love, contemporary, R&B, Country and Western, Pop, etc. This is a passion I obtain while listening and dancing to good music. I am the type of individual who enjoy helping people and encouraging them to obtain their goals no matter what. I firmly believe "You Can Make it If You Try". Prayer and meditation is a daily ritual of mines. I have to pray everyday in order to get through the struggles of life sometimes. I like traveling and visiting other places and meeting nice and interesting people .
I am looking for a foreign rights deal on either of my books. Also I would love to have someone offer to buy or turn either of my books into a movie deal. I am looking forward to a publishing company to offer me a sizeable amount of money for a publishing deal on my books. Looking forward to writing books in different genres for a major publishing company. I look forward to writing songs for a song company who is looking for some good song lyrics also. I write songs in different genres also. And I am also looking forward to publishing my book of poetry with a reputable publishing company. If anyone is interested in any of the above mentioned things I am interested in for my books, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks and have a great day!