Eirik Nilssen

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My name is Eirik Nilssen. I am a cookbook writer and food photographer from Norway. I just finished the content on a new Thai cookbook on Thai food and culture. The work title of the book is "My Thai Food journey", and I am currently in search of an international book publisher who will take the book to the international cookbook market. I have been traveling all over Thailand for about 4 years on and off, living with local people in rural Thailand and eating the food in families, in temples with monks, at the streets, and of course; in restaurants. The editorial part of the book covers the meals with thai people, and it also talks about food in the different parts of the thai community. My experience as an art director and food photographer in the advertising industry, for customers who relate to food, have made me able to develop book projects all by myself. All my previous cookbooks have either been developed alone by me or with chefs, and I have always developed food photography and graphic design for the projects. Whats left to be done on this project? - The photos and recipes are finished and most of the editorial text is done. If a publisher wishes to use external suppliers on design - that´s fine. The photos for this book are all done by me, and you will find some of them on this site: http://mythaifoodjourney.format.com What remains is finalising the designwork and 3 to 4 chapters on the food stories from the rural parts of Thailand. My team: - The idea for the book is mine, and I have copyright to images and texts. But obviously - I needed help cooking in the studio, writing recipes and food styling. My idea was to make a beautiful book that presented the food as they do it in homes, streets and low-profile restaurants, so we decided to style the dishes like it would be shot on site. The recipe photos are shot in a studio in Bangkok over 7 days (100 dishes) and I had a very skilled Thai crew on cooking, styling and organizing.
I am looking for a piterary agent or a publishing house.


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