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"Dezmen Louis was Born in Ohio and lived the majority of his life in Wisconsin. The move to Wisconsin came about due to his father moving for his job. Dezmen Louis is the youngest in his family; and has two older brothers and no sisters. His interest in writing started in middle school where he used to write 3-7-page letters to friends in school, letters eventually lead to him writing rap songs and had written about 20 or so raps that were about 2-3 pages long. In Dezmen Louis?s Sophomore year in high school was when he decided he wanted to try and write books, seeing that he was already used to writing 3-7-page letters to friends and 2-3-page rap songs. Dezmen Louis has started writing a few books, actual novels, but never finished them. As a matter of fact, the After Your Vow?s List Volume 1, was just only a file on my flash-drive that was 30 or so pages long, which at the time was never paid much attention to, for he was busier working on his other books; only every now and then would he open the file, glance at it and add a few ?Act?s? to the then incredibly short list. But soon Dezmen Louis realized that making this file into a book would be easier than writing a novel, seeing that it is a list of ?Acts? and there?s no plot or really much difficulty of understanding to it. Things Dezmen Louis enjoys are movies, rap/ hip-hop, writing his own rap songs, playing pool, bowling, shooting baskets and of course playing video games and traveling round the world, which so far, he has been to Thailand 7 times, Laos twice, Bermuda & Canada once each. Some of his past jobs were landscaping in the summers with his father, fast food, grocery stores, maintenance and machine operating in a factory. Now Dezmen Louis currently live in Virginia and works 3 jobs!"