I always thought my lit classes in college were a waste of time.. then 30 years later...

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After a twenty-seven year international business career in more than sixty countries, I plan to write a series of novels based on many true stories collected over the years. My main character is a cross between Edward Snowden and Jason Bourne. I have set an ambitious target to create "page turners" that might even win the admiration of John Grisham or Tom Clancy fans. My weakness is editing so I have talked my PhD published author sister into editing for me. First book: THE 5TH TOUR. A rogue former black box CIA operative has no choice, but to take on his employers – both previous and current. Dave Thompson hopes for a quiet life, but trouble follows him everywhere. The first thirty pages of inedited material should be on this site. Second book: DMITRY. Dave Thompson is reluctantly dragged off of his Iowa farm to track and kill a Russian immigrant sexual predator unnoticed by law enforcement in Northern Minnesota, which leads to a trap that is much bigger and more sinister than just a sex addict. Things are not what they appear to be on the surface. Third book: CATHA EDULIS. A farm consultant takes a job in Saudi Arabia for a farm managed by a cousin of the royal family, but the farm has many hidden secrets. The consultant cannot believe his eyes and hopes he can return to his family intact. Fourth book: THE BOHEMIAN STOVE. Dave Thompson is asked by a rag tag band of bounty hunters, conspiracy theorists and ex-commandos to lead a trip to Northern California to expose and take on the world’s most powerful people as they meet at a retreat to discuss hidden and evil global agendas. Fifth Book: WATER HAS NO ENEMY. A young farm consultant from Phoenix takes a job in Farmington, New Mexico to help the Navajo Nation with their water rights on the San Juan River – this leads to much drams and unimaginable threats on his life from greedy power companies and even the Bureau of Indian Affairs all wanting cheap water. Sixth Book: POWER PLOT. A young auditor moves from Phoenix to Omaha looking for a quiet life as a corporate controller only to find massive fraud inside of a Fortune 500 oil and gas company that is run by a Russian-Israeli criminal gang. He fights for his life to leave his job, but it isn't easy. Even the feds turn on him. Seventh Book: Title and plot outline in progress. TBD. It will most likely involve China and the White Dragon mafia involved in a software company trading on the NYSE - only the real crook is a clean-cut young attorney from California. I have many writing samples and book pitches ready to go. The 5th Tour will be finished soon.
I hope to find an agent or publisher looking for international spy or business conflict thrillers. These can be made into movies/TV dramas with multiple seasons if sequenced properly. The series will have Russian, Latino, Middle Eastern, Chinese and American themes woven into it. A lot is negotiable at this stage. If I have no luck finding an agent or a publisher, I will resort to self publishing and have already laid the groundwork and marketing strategy for this endeavor.