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The Dead years by Joseph Schupack from Amsterdam Publishers

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  • Holocaust Memoirs
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    Amsterdam Publishers
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    Paperback / softback
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    February 10, 2017
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    Available as paperback and ebook

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  • Amsterdam Publishers
The Dead Years is different from most Holocaust Survivor stories. Not only is it a testimony of the years wasted before the second world war in Poland  The Dead Years is different from most Holocaust Survivor stories. Not only is it a testimony of the years wasted before the second world war in Poland
Amsterdam Publishers

Offered By Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers is Holland's major international publisher. Owner: Liesbeth Heenk Specialized in: Holocaust Memoirs. Amsterdam Museum guides. Secrets of Van Gogh series.

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In The Dead Years Holocaust Memoirs, Joseph Schupack (1922- 1989) describes his life in Radzyn-Podlaski, a typical Polish shtetl from where he was transported to the concentration camps of Treblinka, Majdanek, Auschwitz, Dora / Nordhausen and Bergen-Belsen during the Second World War. We witness how he struggled to remain true to his own standards of decency and being human. Considering the premeditated and systematic humiliation and brutality, it is a miracle that he survived and came to terms with his memories.

The Dead Years Holocaust Memoirs is different from most Holocaust survivor stories. Not only is it a testimony of the 1930s in Poland and life in the Nazi concentration camps – it also serves as a witness statement. This Holocaust book contains a wealth of information, including the names of people and places, for researchers and those interested in WW2, or coming from Radzyn-Podlaski and surroundings. The book takes us through Joseph Schupack’s pre-war days, his work in the underground movement, and the murder of his parents, brothers, sister and friends.

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Preface vii
Before the War 1
The Russians are Coming 9
The Germans are Here 13
With the Russians in Brest-Litovsk 17
Life in Radzyn 23
Father and Brother in Lublin Prison 37
New Laws and New Forms of Abuse 43
My Sister Sonja is Dead 51
The Judenrat 55
The Poles, the Germans, the Jews 59
Uncle Jankiel and the Gypsy Woman 63
We Make Plans 67
The Transports to Auschwitz and Treblinka 73
My Grandmother, the Bobeshi Basia-Gella 77
Yom Kippur 81
My Family, My Child 85
Alone in Radzyn 91
As Aryans in Warsaw 97
Under Way with Forged Papers 105
In the Ghetto of Miedzyrzec 111
The Ghetto is Liquidated 121
In Majdanek 127
Auschwitz 143
Leaving Auschwitz 159
Camp Dora / Nordhausen 167
Bergen-Belsen 173
Free 177
The Trip to Poland 187
Back in Germany 195
The Big Disappointment 199
Three Dates 201
In Memory of my Hevra 205
Glossary of Foreign Words 207
Pictures 211
About the Author 217
Colophon 219

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Joseph Schupack was a Holocaust survivor (1924 - 1989) from Radzyn-Podlaski, a small town in Poland. His entire immediate family perished in the Second World war. In 1981 he decided to write his memoirs, The Dead Years. His unusually detailed recollection of names and dates makes compelling reading.

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The book has 58 revuewson Amazon. rating: 4,6 out of 5. (Date 6 August 2018).