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Ocean Acidity Climate Shock by Chondrally from Richard Belshaw

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    AED 13.99
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    April 3, 2018
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    50 lb.
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  • Richard Belshaw
Richard Belshaw

Offered By Richard Belshaw

Chondrally earned a bachelor of science and master of science in systems design engineering from the University of Waterloo. He?s worked for several companies, including Imperial Oil Ltd., Computing Devices Canada Ltd., Solinst Canada Ltd., and General Dynamics Canada Ltd., working mainly as a mathe...

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"Ocean Acidity Climate Shock analyzes a serious element of climate change?the progressive acidity of the oceans as they absorb and reach their limits of carbon dioxide absorption.

The author, who has worked as a mathematical, chemical, electrical, biological and physics software and hardware engineer, warns that if we stay on our current path, the oceans could die within a few short decades.

The phytoplankton and algae might not be able to survive future pH and temperature changes, and scientists are already thinking about seeding the ocean with genetically modified phytoplankton and algae or selectively hybridized phytoplankton, algae, and krill that can survive in their new environment.

In addition to outlining the problem, the book proposes practical solutions that will confront the effects of climate change. Moreover, it explores why so many people are reluctant to listen to those warning about the impending catastrophe.

The author also touches on a wide range of other subjects, from current politics to Monte Carlo theory, which is a method to determine the probability of different outcomes.

Discover how climate change will affect us and what we can do curb its harmful effects with the insights in Ocean Acidity Climate Shock."