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The Days After by Van Windsor from Van Windsor

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    USD 19.99
  • Дата публикации:
    November 3, 2017
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    55 lb.
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  • Van Windsor
Van Windsor

Offered By Van Windsor

As a psychology student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, I've always been interested in how people react. How they think. This story is an experiment in that. I think that my inspiration comes from the Stephen King novel Mr. Mercedes. For me, I try to add enough realism into a story as I can,...

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A family?s home gets broken into. The small-town gossip begins to spread as the case for the burglars ensues. Detective Frank Simmons leads the cause and uncovers dark truths about the family, the neighborhood, and even his own partner. A young boy in the hospital, an officer looking to redeem his reputation, and a beautiful girl are stuck in between all of the chaos.