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Study Through the Ages by Robert Wyeth from Robert Wyeth

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    USD 24.49
  • Дата публикации:
    October 19, 2017
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    55 lb.

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  • Robert Wyeth
Robert Wyeth

Offered By Robert Wyeth

"After university I went to the London Bible College to prepare for missionary work, but the Lord didn?t want me to go there. So I carried on as a project engineer working in industry and in my spare time, helping people read and study the Bible. In church, one day, a person got up to read a passa...

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"All the authors had their way of writing down what they thought, the place where they lived, the current ideas, the situation of the times, and the concept of what they were expecting to happen.

Suddenly, the words they used over several centuries, regardless of where they stayed, was left by God to them to find a way of creating by hand, a script, which eventually led to the sixty-six books that we know of as the Bible.

And suddenly, looking through it, we find similarities of thought and a pattern that stretches over the whole Bible that tells us what the Lord would have us do. It?s like God?s ?manual for living.?

Take, for example, the word ?angel,? they would be messengers of God. The Lord planned it so. There?re no wings. They do not marry. They are invisible. They are like winds and fires, and they can no longer die. There?re several subjects most authors would be pleased to write down, but God knew and decided they were angels of God."