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Study for Truth by Robert Wyeth from Robert Wyeth

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    USD 28.87
  • Дата публикации:
    April 21, 2017
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    55 lb.

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  • Robert Wyeth
Robert Wyeth

Offered By Robert Wyeth

"After university I went to the London Bible College to prepare for missionary work, but the Lord didn?t want me to go there. So I carried on as a project engineer working in industry and in my spare time, helping people read and study the Bible. In church, one day, a person got up to read a passa...

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"One day in church, a reader said it was in the Old Testament people couldn?t find it, some looked at the index, and others searched wildly for the book. I was amazed, and thought those people do not read or study the Bible. Then the reader gave the page number.

God sees, understands, and knows. What would he say to you? How well do you know the Bible? Why is Isaiah the greater prophet? Why are all the apostle Paul's writings different?

What I have done is to make it easier to read, by asking questions, to try and make you think."