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Become an Effective Leader by Dale Carnegie from Sara Castle

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  • Dale Carnegie Success Series
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    Sara Castle
  • Название агентства:
    JMW Group
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    USD 10
  • Дата публикации:
    January 1, 2012

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  • Sara Castle
Sara Castle

Offered By Sara Castle

JMW Group Inc. publishes books and owns rights to content of world renowned authors. Dale Carnegie, Joseph Murphy, John Naisbitt, are a few of our sought after authors, each sold over ten million books. JMW works with agents as well as direct to publishers of non-fiction books in a variety of genre...

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The world is rapidly changing and requires those in leadership and management positions to assume constantly changing roles and responsibilities. We cannot do these ourselves nor can our people help us move to the next level, unless we first identify our goals and establish and communicate a clear vision to our associates. Once a shared vision is created and disseminated throughout the organization, our people cease viewing their role as task-oriented and instead become results-oriented and inspire us and our associates to take risks and responsibility. Clearly focused outcomes allow people to become more self-managed and to handle resources without senior level assistance. Among the effective techniques of leadership we will learn in this book include: how to recruit staff with the greatest potential, how to motivate them and to enhance their performance by dynamic coaching and meaningful delegation, handling people problems and encouraging creativity and innovation.