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Roza Publishing An Arab Publishing with a Qatari vision Roza Publishing seeks to highlight the intellectual contributions in and outside the State of Qatar, and to develop the society through enriching its cultural life through presenting diverse and well-considered publications. Roza Publishing seeks to achieve its goals through the following: 1. Adopt the youth publications, offer them advice and consultations through cooperation with Qatari authors, and print their publications in the form that Roza Publishing deems appropriate. 2. Organize training workshops and courses to encourage young people and school students to improve and advance their literary and written skills in various fields. 3. Partner with a number of media and cultural institutions in the State of Qatar which encourage domestic innovation. 4. Print, publish and distribute the publications of Qatari authors in particular and help them overcome the difficulties they may encounter. 6. Support the participation of Qatari youth and innovators in local and international events in cooperation with the competent authorities in the State. 7. Promote reading and its importance among younger generations through various cultural clubs such as reading clubs. Rosa Publishing seeks to serve writers and authors in and outside the State of Qatar to achieve an important part of advancing the cultural level of the Arab readers in accordance to Qatar National Vision 2030.
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