2016 Book Fairs: London, Beijing, Frankfurt, Guadalajara, BookExpo USA

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Ronnie Sarkin lives in South Africa. He is a businessman with a great love for adventure, the outdoors and writing. An adventurer who is also a qualified game ranger and scuba diver master with plenty of experience under his belt. Sarkin has documented his incredible worldwide adventures through stories, which are complimented by his unprecedented collection of rare and exciting photographs of wildlife and underwater scenes.  Sarkin?s other passion lies in probing the very fabric of existence, a pursuit spurred by reading The Third Eye by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa when he was fourteen. Kismet is the first book in a Trilogy to be followed by a prequel called Condor?s Eye. Sarkin is happiest with his family enjoying beach and bush together or writing his facts and fiction stories.
A publisher interested in one or more of: (1). My fiction trilogy with a new and unique genre; (2). Non-fiction stories of the African bush accumulated since the nineteen eighties. (3). Non-fiction stories of scuba diving around the world from 1963.