Roger Morgan

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ROGER MORGAN has degrees in Engineering and the Arts. He started his career as an apprentice at the Royal Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth, England. He journeyed to Australian in 1967 and spent a year on Macquarie Island with an Australian Antarctic Research Expedition. Since then he has held positions in Research, Corporate Strategy and Operations with a National TELCO. His interest in photography grew out of a passion for pelagic birds and their habitat. But its the human face that intrigues him, in that expressions can be both generic and universal and thus culturally neutral. He attempts to show this in his images; to illustrate yet again how small the world is.
I photograph people who live in the more remote parts of the Himalaya Belt. The book explores NW Pakistan, Ladakh, Yunnan, and Nepal. I attempt to create stories by combining the emotional language of facial expression with a context both passed and present - a travelogue of portraits. I have sufficient material for a second book exploring NE India, Tibet and the Silk Road skirting the Taklamakan Desert. I want to expand the coverage of my work, explore possibilities for alternative productions. Also explore possibilities for a second book. Reviews of the book are posted on my web site.