Richard Ronc

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"Military At the age of 17, after completing high school, Richard joined the Australian Defence Force, completing his basic training before the beginning of university. Having joined the Corps of Australian Artillery, Richard worked through to achieve his ultimate personal goal of taking control as a detachment commander for the first time. After a major restructure, he once again worked his way to become a mortar line section commander and worked to train hundreds of soldiers across the reserve in the new artillery systems and procedures. During the end of his career, Richard witnessed Special Forces training, was deployed in Victoria during the Black Saturday bush-fire disaster, and became a communications expert before finally, after twelve years of service, deciding to end to his military career. Professional Having secured his first full-time job after graduation, with an industrial automation supply company, he very quickly began to see how business worked. After joining as a sales specialist becoming a product manager, shifting into business development, and finally becoming a sales leader, Richard has had the fortune to experience business at many different levels and also to experience first-hand the challenges that come with projects of all sorts from local to global levels."