Rahiem Baiely

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Reemus Boxing is a media boxing brand this is dedicated to educating and inspiring fighters and fight fans globally. Our popular YouTube channel has amassed over 13,000 subscribers, and our instagram has 16,000 loyal followers. The channel shot up in popularity as Reemus made videos that taught fighters what past boxing champions done in the ring with their skills, and out of the ring with their actions. Reemus, is the author of 'The Cus D'Amato Mind' which is the first boxing book that connects boxing history with practical tips for fighters, and ambitious people in general, to follow to attract success. The book has gathered positive reviews around the world, with many citing how it has helped them to achieve and move closer to their dreams. The Reemus Boxing brand is releasing a new book titled 'Automatic Ambition' in the Autumn of 2018, with an audience excitedly awaiting more written content.
The Reemus Boxing brand is specifically seeking publishers in non-speaking English countries to translate and work with us to publish the book in those countries. Countries in particular that have a strong/ growing appeal to the books we write include: Mexico, Cuba, Japan, France, Germany, Ukraine, amongst others.


Books Are Not Available.