Pubmatch, Global Rights 365 Biography

PubMatch Mission Statement:

To encourage the spread of ideas around the world by facilitating an environment in which intellectual property is more manageable, more discoverable, and easier to be bought and sold.

How PubMatch Accomplishes this:

PubMatch was built to give publishers, authors, and agents the ability to scale their rights-selling business, with three key areas of focus:

Rights Management: In the rights business, a typical database detailing a book’s metadata would be incomplete. PubMatch built a database for its users that goes beyond marketing copy: from rights owned to signed contracts, negotiation history to foreign version ISBNs, royalty schedules to associated partners, PubMatch users can keep their foreign rights details organized and at-the-ready so they never miss an opportunity to do business.

Rights Promotion: PubMatch users have access to a robust suite of tools that help them find partners quicker, easier, and more strategically. Whether finding partners in the extensive PubMatch Network, creating print-ready rights catalogs, or developing micro-sites to target specific partners, PubMatch users can better connect with business partners at trade shows, in business meetings, and online.

Rights Transactions: [email protected] is PubMatch’s proprietary transaction system that gives rights sellers and rights buyers an opportunity to negotiate, buy, and sell foreign rights quicker, easier, and in a more organized fashion, finally bringing foreign rights transactions into the 21st century