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Bridgette Chambers, industry leading growth strategist, author, and speaker, brings over twenty years of success helping entrepreneurs and business owners envision and implement intensive growth strategies. Chambers is the author of Profitable Problem Solving™, the highly acclaimed book that provides actionable strategies for profitable problem solving. Chambers is a celebrated keynote speaker that has shared the stage with Colin Powell, Lisa Leslie, Seth Godin, Michael Eisner, and other notable personal brands. Chambers founded BGBC Marketing in 2013 to put the knowledge and tools necessary to grow a business in the hands of small business owners across the globe. In addition to BGBC Marketing, Chambers has continued to flex her community evangelist brand by co-founding the launch of EmpoweredW. EmpoweredW is a global community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders sharing a passion for collective female success. Before BGBC Marketing’s debut, Chambers was the CEO of Constellation Research, a world-class research technology firm helping clients to unleash the power of emerging and disruptive technologies based in Silicon Valley. Constellation Research represents over 250 clients and has analysts delivering cutting edge research across the globe. Previously, Chambers was the CEO of Americas’ SAP Users Group (ASUG), the largest trade association serving SAP customers on the globe. During her tenure with ASUG, Chambers led a transformation that took the twenty-year brand from a period of financial and operational trouble to one of prosperity and stability. While serving as CEO for ASUG, Chambers doubled membership, enhanced service and delivery, rebuilt the corporate culture, and created substantial growth in earnings. ASUG was awarded two American Business Awards under Chambers tenure including Company of the Year. Chambers was awarded several ABA awards as well, including Maverick of the Year. Prior to joining ASUG, Chambers was CEO at Voile Enterprises, a leading management consultancy, where she increased both revenues and profitability and successfully guided the organization through acquisition. Chambers received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Houston, her MBA from Texas A&M University, and developed her leadership skills while serving proudly in the United States Army Reserves and the Texas Army National Guard.
AN opportunity to extend the reach of the strategies covered in Profitable Problem Solving™